Staff Directory

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Administrative Staff

Denise M. Jorgens
Director, International House Chicago

Mary Beth DeStefano
Associate Director of Programs and External Relations

Hannah Barton
Senior Coordinator for Events

Business Administration

Deborah Jasinski
Director for Financial Management for College Housing, Residential Services, International House & Event Services

Elaine Thomas
Fiscal Assistant

GRAD Global Impact Interns

Laura Bohorquez Duque
Colombia, Committee on International Relations, Social Sciences Division

Sakina Lavingia
Pakistan, Harris School of Public Policy Studies

Daniele Macuglia - Lead GRAD Global Impact Intern


Ji-Seon (Sally) Park
South Korea, Harris School of Public Policy Studies

Diego Suarez Rojas - Lead GRAD Global Impact Intern


Zahra Amalia Syarifah
Indonesia, MAPSS, Social Sciences Division

Tang Tian
China, Middle Eastern Studies, Social Sciences Division

Anqi Zhang
China, Linguistics, Humanities Division

College Housing Staff

Craig and Kenyatta Futterman
Resident Deans

Amanda Dickinson Beirne
Community Assistant Director

Jelani and Tessa McEwen
Resident Heads, Booth House

Stephen and Jill Parkin
Resident Heads, Phoenix House

Josh Cannon and Anne Sweeney
Resident Heads, Thompson House

Yaroslav Gorbachov and Natalia Gorbacheva
Resident Heads, Shorey House

Global Voices Program Staff

Isabel Almazan
Global Voices Metcalf Intern

Sophia Benzarti
Lead Global Voices Metcalf Intern

Sophie Desch
Global Voices Metcalf Intern

Natalie Kessler
Global Voices Metcalf Intern

Minyu Li
Global Voices Metcalf Intern

Brandon Lov
Global Voices Metcalf Intern

Angad Singh
Global Voices Metcalf Intern

Rena Slavin
Global Voices Metcalf Intern

Calvin Wang
Global Voices Metcalf Intern

Residential Services

Mazurie Wright
Residence Hall Manager

Krystal Lanier
House Service Clerk

Vicki Nolen
House Service Clerk

Christina Mcneil
House Service Clerk

Dianne Mcdonald
House Service Clerk

Karina Rodriguez
House Service Clerk

Christine Jackson
On Call House Service Clerk

Felix Reeves
On Call House Service Clerk

Facilities Services

Ivanka Ferenac
Facilities Manager

Hugo Martinez
International House, ABM Supervisor

Wally Thomas
Resident Engineer

Andre Dancy
Resident Building Maintenance

Franco Espinoza
Resident Building Maintenance