2016-17 Multimedia Series

Autumn Quarter 2016

Etno Grupa "Trag" Concert

September 29, 2016

The world-renowned ensemble Etno Grupa “Trag” performed at International House as part of the ensemble’s US tour this fall. The 10-person vocal-instrumental ensemble from Banja Luka, Serbia performed Serbian folk music.

Winter Quarter 2017

CIA Director John Brennan

January 5, 2017

Following three decades of service at the CIA, Mr. Brennan was appointed Director by President Obama in 2013 and has worked at the forefront of the country’s counterterrorism and national security efforts. From the battle against ISIS to cyber attacks from Russia and China, how is the United States responding to growing threats to national security? What emerging threats are on the horizon? And how is technology changing the world of intelligence gathering? Director Brennan draws upon his vast experience at the agency to provide insight and analysis on the constantly evolving nature of threats and the role of US intelligence in world affairs.