Graphic Identity

The International House at the University of Chicago logo has been updated to: (1) coordinate with university branding, (2) reflect the spirit of the symbol, which itself reflects the “International Style” (de Stijl), and (3) improve usability and readability. While the symbol remains unchanged, the typography has been updated to Gotham, the university’s main display typeface. 

Poster Logo & Type

Additional Graphics

University of Chicago Graphic Identity

The University of Chicago's graphic identity is the visual language for communicating UChicago--the style of the photography and videography, selection of imagery, and approach to design. It is the University's logo and color palette. A key component of brand, it unifies the University's many parts and amplifies its impact.

Consistency in logo, fonts, color palette, imagery, and design convey one of the University's core values: We are one university. Every individual school, department, and unit contributes to the eminence of the University of Chicago, and every school, department, and unit is made greater by its association with the intellectual fabric of the University.