Staff Directory

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Administrative Staff

Denise M. Jorgens

Deb Jasinski
Director of Administration and Finance

Hannah Barton
Assistant Director of Programs and Communications

Elaine (Susie) Thomas
Fiscal Assistant

Alexandra Erichson
Program Coordinator

Manjula Bahuguna
Program and Office Support Assistant

Corey Winters
Event Service Worker

Shikobi Medina
AV Technician/House Manager

GRAD Global Impact Interns

Sophie Desch
USA, Law School

Wasil Engel
Germany, Harris School of Public Policy
& Middle Eastern Studies, Social Sciences Division

Asimina Giannoula
Greece, Linguistics, Humanities Division

Kévin Irakóze
Burundi, Philosophy, Humanities Division

Mew Jiang
China, Humanities Division

Liliana Schiller
USA, School of Social Service Administration

Venezah St. Louis
USA, School of Social Service Administration

Prisca Tuyishime
Rwanda, School of Social Service Administration

Hani Warith
Canada / Egypt / Portgual, Masters in International Relations
Liaison to Office of International Affairs

Global Voices-Metcalf Interns

All Global Voices-Metcalf Interns are students within the College

Ogo Chukwuma

Yeonsu Jang

Terry Leon

Alex Maqueira

Hazel Martello

Renee Wehrle

Housing and Residence Life

Craig and Kenyatta Futterman
Resident Deans

Mazurie Wright
Assistant Director of Operations

Jelani and Tessa McEwen
Resident Heads, Booth House

Kaitlyn Tucker and Alexander Sorenson
Resident Heads, Phoenix House

Austin and Roxanne Wright
Resident Heads, Thompson House

Yaroslav Gorbachov and Natalia Gorbacheva
Resident Heads, Shorey House

John and Sarah Ellison
Resident Heads, Breckinridge House

Front Desk

Vicki Nolen
Lead Desk Clerk

Krystal Lanier
Desk Clerk

Dianne Mcdonald
Desk Clerk

Karina Rodriguez
Desk Clerk

Facilities Services

Ivanka Ferenac
Facilities Manager

Hugo Martinez
International House, ABM Supervisor

Wally Thomas
Resident Engineer

Franco Espinoza
Assistant Engineer

Andre Dancy
Resident Building Maintenance

President Robert J. Zimmer presents 2016 Diversity Leadership Staff Award to Denise Jorgens AM'83, PhD'95, Director of International House