Rates & Terms

Resident Room Rates

  Room Type  Summer 2017 Quarterly Rate   Summer 2017 Monthly Rate    Average Single   $2565  $1026  Average Single w/sink  $2945  $1128  Large Single  $2945  $1128  Extra Large Single  $3325  $1330  Bath Suite  $3325  $1330  Suite  $3325  $1330  Super Suite  $3325  $1330


Length of Stay 

We require a minimum stay of 30 consecutive days between the summer terms dates. Preference is given to applicants staying for the entire summer term. Contracts extend from 12 P.M. June 19, 2017 until 12 P.M. August 27, 2017

Extended stay reservations may be made for a limited number of days prior to the resident's term at the rate of $44 per day. Reservations are subject to availability. All rooms must be vacants on August 27, 2017 at noon. Extended stay is limited to 7 days. 

Cancellation Information

You may cancel your contract at any time prior to the acceptance of your Housing Agreement. Application cancellation will not be considered once your Housing Agreement has been accepted. 

Required Fee

  • Room fee
  • $250 refundable deposit