Diplomatic Encounters Series

Launched in 2015, International House and UChicago Global joined forces with the Chicago Consular Corps to expand the Diplomatic Encounters Series to better connect the UChicago community with representatives of diplomatic missions from around Chicago and across the nation. The series aims to provide a venue to hear from leading diplomats, engage them in open dialogue, and come to a better understanding of the issues, challenges, and opportunities facing countries around the world. Programs are held throughout the year and include the annual consular reception hosted by the Office of the President.

TUE., MAY 4, 2021

Annual University of Chicago and Chicago Consular Corps Virtual Reception

UChicago Arts: A Global Perspective

The Annual UChicago & Chicago Consular Corps reception was held virutally this year. The event highlighted the University’s commitment to excellence in the Arts, an area of global nature, and its significance to UChicago both here and around the world.

Remarks were made by Juan de Pablo, Vice President for National Laboratories, Science Strategy, Innovation, and Global Initiatives; Gisselle Castillo-Veremis, Dean of the Chicago Consular Corps; and David Levin, Senior Advisor to the Provost for Arts.

2021 Virtual Consular Corps Reception