2015 Tetsuo Najita Distinguished Lecture in Japanese Studies with Ryuichi Narita

Lecture Series

March 30, 2015


Home Room

Ryuichi Narita, Professor of History at Japan Women's University will give a talk entitled "The Various Routes of Post-WWII Japanese Intellectuals: Their Perspectives on the War and World." He will discuss the role of Japanese intellectuals in the postwar period on the level of both ideas and actions, and will explore the paths taken by such figures as Maruyama Masao, Yamaguchi Masao, Oe Kenzaburo, Ueno Chizuko, and Karatani Kojin. The lecture will be given in Japanese with English translation. A reception will follow.

Free and open to the public.

Sponsored by the International House Global Voices Lecture Series and the University of Chicago Committee on Japanese Studies.