9th Annual Latin American Policy Forum - “(Un)Real ideals: Re-conceptualizing the State in Latin America”

Lecture Series

Friday, April 2, 2021

1:00PM - 2:30PM


Join International House as we support Latin America(n) Matters for their 9th Annual Latin American Policy Forum. In this seminar, Prof. James Robinson and Prof. José Luis Falconi will discuss a new way of conceptualizing the Latin American state which sheds light on many of the "pathologies of the region". Contemporary and historical examples suggest that a fundamental fact about the state is a gap between the ideal and the real which cannot be erased by the endlessly frustrating outcomes of this apparent contradiction. We argue that this gap is rooted in the history of the state, in the "lettered city" and the bureaucratic logic of the colonial period, and the influence of the Baroque with its endless ability to elaborate and overcome contradictions. We discuss how this approach can clarify such phenomena as AMLO or Peronismo. We also argue. however, that there is an interesting inclusive aspect to this Baroque state and an ability to recognize and incorporate difference that is dramatically different from the model of the North American state.

Registration is required. | This event is free. 

This event is co-sponsored by International House, The University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy, The Pearson Institute, Colombians at UChicago, The Becker Friedman Institute at UChicago, The University of Chicago Graduate Council, The University of Chicago Mexican Association, The Center for Latin American Studies at UChicago, and Student Government.