Global Voices Author Night with Allan Friedman

Lecture Series

February 5, 2014


Assembly Hall

In “Cybersecurity and CyberWar,” noted cyber expert Allan Friedman and New York Times best-selling author Peter W. Singer and team up to provide the kind of easy-to-read, deeply informative resource book that has been missing on this crucial issue of 21st century life. The book is structured around the key question areas of cyberspace and its security: how does it work and why does it matter? Also discussed are the important (and entertaining) issues and characters of cybersecurity, from the "Anonymous" hacker group and the Stuxnet computer virus to the new cyber units of the Chinese and US militaries.


Allan Friedman is a Visiting Scholar and Senior Cybersecurity Advisor at the Cyber Security Policy Research Institute at George Washington University. His current research focuses on information technology policy, with particular emphasis on cybersecurity policy and the dynamics of information privacy.


This event is free and open to the public.


Presented by the Global Voices Lecture Series and the Seminary Co-op Bookstore.