Centuries of Belarusian Singing Tradition: Stary Olsa

Lecture Series

October 3, 2017

7:00-8:30 PM

Assembly Hall

Stary Olsa is a music group from Minsk, Belarus, which performs medieval, Renaissance, and early baroque music from Eastern Europe. They will perform music from the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, particularly the 16th-century Astramiečava Manuscript, in addition to melodies popular across feudal Europe.

Musicians and instruments:

Zmicer Sasnouski:  Bagpipe 

Aleys Chumakou: Gusli, rebec, shawms

Ilya Kublitski: Lute, cistra

Maria Sharyi: Flutes, shawms

Sergei Tapcheuski: Percussion, tromba marina

Alexei Voitsekh: Percussion


Doors open for ticket sales at 6:30 PM.

Free for UChicago students with a valid UCID. $10 General Admission.

Co-sponsored by the Global Voices Performing Arts Series, Belarusians in Chicago, the University of Chicago Center for East European and Russian/Eurasian Studies, and in part by the Weil-Parker Fund for Performing Arts at International House.