Dukati & Biseri Annual Concert

Lecture Series

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Doors 6:00 PM | Show 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM

Assembly Hall

Founded in November of 2009 with a handful of devoted and passionate dancers and musicians, Dukati and Biseri Folklore Ensemble has grown into a performing ensemble representing Serbian and Macedonian folklore through the performing arts. The ensemble spans from adolescents to adults who are brought together for the same passion and love of traditional music and dance. The purpose of the ensemble is to research and perform traditional folk dance and music. In addition, the ensemble collects and restores traditional clothing and instruments. These artifacts act as a vestige to life in the Balkans which are more than a century old.

Dukati and Biseri Folklore Ensemble present their annual concert showcasing Macedonian and Serbian folk dances and music. The yearly concert of approximately 40 dancers and 5-7 musicians aims to bring the folk dance community of young adults together with the Chicagoland community who loves dance and cultures of all kinds. This year, the ensemble will be showcasing 3 full new sets of authentic choreography, music and traditional costumes between 50-100 years old.

Tickets are $15 each and are available for sale at dukatibiseri.com/events and at door. Free for UChicago students with valid IDs.

Click here to read the Hyde Park Herald article about this event by Global Voices Metcalf Fellows, Rena Slavin and Natalie Kessler.

Sponsored by the International House Global Voices Program.