In the Crosshairs: How Campaigns Use Data to Target Voters

Lecture Series

May 25, 2016


Assembly Hall

There are some categories of information that American voters probably assume campaigns have—like voter registration and home address. But did you know that campaigns also have access to your magazine subscriptions, loyalty card usage, licenses, permits, Internet searches, warranties, and even sweepstakes entries? There are no real restrictions to what information can be collected on you and sold. So, how do data companies collect this information? And how do campaigns use it to create targeted messages?

Two of America’s top political data strategists will provide their expertise on the subject: Co-founder of Deep Root Analytics and former Chief Data Scientist for the Romney Campaign, Alex Lundry. And CEO of TargetSmart and veteran Democratic Strategist, Tom Bonier.

The event will be moderated by veteran political reporter and author of The Victory Lab: The Secret Science of Winning CampaignsSasha Issenberg.

Free and open to the public. Register here.

Sponsored by the Global Voices Lecture Series and the Institute of Politics.