Law School Musical

Lecture Series

February 20, 2014


Assembly Hall

The Law School is up for accreditation and the administration is confident it will pass--until a strait-laced, by-the-books ABA accreditor announces that for the first time, student happiness and satisfaction account for 50% of the accreditation decision. The school is suddenly in very real danger of closing its doors forever unless it can improve campus morale, and the professors, completely and blissfully oblivious to student concerns, clamor to get involved in the lives of seven disgruntled students dealing with issues in their academic, professional, and personal affairs. With the economy in shambles, legal jobs harder to come by than a date for Friday night, and Hyde Park...being Hyde Park, does The University of Chicago: The Law School stand a chance?


The Law School Musical began in 1984 and has been entertaining audiences, distracting students from their schoolwork, and parodying professors ever since! Written, choreographed, orchestrated, directed and performed from scratch every year, the musical showcases the hard work and dedication of the Law School's creative and talented student body. So, for a night full of entertainment, enthusiasm, and heart, come see the 2014 Law School Musical!


Tickets are $10 in advance, $12 at the door. Open to the public.


Presented by the Global Voices Performing Arts Series and the University of Chicago Law School.