Urban Subcultures, Pop Music and Youth Movements in Latin America - “Rodrigo D: No Future”

Lecture Series

February 26, 2015


Assembly Hall

Although endowed with no appreciable musical talent, Rodrigo D is driven by a sense of alienation, disaffection, and anger to join a Colombian punk band. The film follows his rise through the ranks of a punker: first as a foot soldier for a motorcycle gang that terrorizes local villages and ultimately as a "big man," propelled throughout by crude violence and brutality. Rodrigo finally finds himself in the notorious city of Medellin where, despite his resistance, he finds it difficult to remove himself from the drugs and violence to which he has become accustomed. The first-ever Colombian film to be entered at Cannes, director Victor Manuel Gaviria utilizes his skills as a remarkable storyteller while employing local actors—six of whom were killed after the movie was completed— who were themselves inextricably tied up in the film’s fraught subject matter. The screening will follow a panel discussion. See details about the first session here

Followed by a discussion with:
Shane Greene (Indiana University)
Karl Swinehart (University of Chicago)
Hyejin Nah (New York University)
Daniel Gough (University of Chicago)

Free and open to the public.  Sponsored by the International House Global Voices Lecture Series and the Center for Latin American Studies.