Voices From North Korea

Lecture Series

May 22, 2014


Assembly Hall

The Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK), or North Korea remains one of the most elusive and mysterious countries in the world.  Outside of its nuclear enrichment programs and its enigmatic leadership, few people know what truly goes on in this nation. 


Join us as two defectors from North Korea come to campus to talk about their escape and share their testimonies about their lives and struggles inside the Hermit Kingdom. Learn about the experiences of these refugees and the human rights abuses they encountered and overcame. Discover ways to take action as a volunteer with North Korean refugees in the U.S.


Speakers include:
Eunju Kim,  North Korean refugee and student, author of the book, La Coree Du Nord: 9 Ans Pour fuir L'Enfer, a memoir about her experience (written in French and currently being translated into English).  Eunju is regularly featured in the popular South Korean television show, "Meet Now", a talk show featuring a panel of North Korean women defectors living in South Korea discussing their escape journeys and current situation.

Jinhye Jo, North Korean refugee and university graduate.  Jinhye is the president of North Korean Refugees in USA and a frequent speaker at Congressional hearings and conferences. 


Free and open to the public.


Presented by the International House Global Voices Lecture Series, University of Chicago chapter of Amnesty International, PanAsia, and Emancipate North Koreans (ENoK).

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U.S. Committee for Human Rights in North Korea - China’s Repatriation of North Korean Refugees featuring Jinhye Jo, president of North Korean Refugees in USA.