2016-17 Multimedia Series

Autumn Quarter 2016

Etno Grupa "Trag" Concert

September 29, 2016

The world-renowned ensemble Etno Grupa “Trag” performed at International House as part of the ensemble’s US tour this fall. The 10-person vocal-instrumental ensemble from Banja Luka, Serbia performed Serbian folk music.

Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson

October 7, 2016

The unpopularity of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton has left many Americans looking for a third option. Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Party’s Presidential candidate, is currently the most favored third option.

Justice in the Service of Equality: A Public Lecture by Christiane Taubira

October 10, 2016

During this public lecture, Christiane Taubira, the former Minister of Justice in France, covers topics as diverse as same-sex marriage, slavery as a crime against humanity, and incarceration rates of youth of color. She has a long and rich history as a key political actor in regional, national, and European politics.

GenForward: Are Campaigns Hearing Millennials?

October 17, 2016

What young people think is at the center of this election. Campaigns, pundits, and pollsters are paying special attention to the political attitudes of this demographic and how they feel about issues from policing and gun violence to immigration and education. GenForward—a new survey of the Black Youth Project with the AP-NORC—provides monthly data on the political attitudes and policy preferences of Millennials with a focus on Millennials of color. What do these results tell us about how young adults experience and think about the world?

Home Improvement: Young Mayors Tackle Old Problems

October 20, 2016

The IOP welcomed three of the country’s top young mayors for a discussion on their innovative solutions to the challenges facing their cities. Panelists were Mayor Pete Buttigieg of South Bend, IN, Mayor Andrew Gillum of Tallahassee, FL, and Mayor Blair Milo of La Porte, IN. Former Mayor of Houston, Annise Parker, led the discussion.

Winter Quarter 2017

CIA Director John Brennan

January 5, 2017

Following three decades of service at the CIA, Mr. Brennan was appointed Director by President Obama in 2013 and has worked at the forefront of the country’s counterterrorism and national security efforts. From the battle against ISIS to cyber attacks from Russia and China, how is the United States responding to growing threats to national security? What emerging threats are on the horizon? And how is technology changing the world of intelligence gathering? Director Brennan draws upon his vast experience at the agency to provide insight and analysis on the constantly evolving nature of threats and the role of US intelligence in world affairs.

America in the Trump Era: Covering Trump

January 26, 2017

The American public’s trust in the media is at an all-time low. People of all parties and all persuasions blame media bias for election results and public response. What were the media successes and failures of the 2016 election? How do America’s top media executives rate their organization’s performance? What did they do well? What mistakes did they make? How has the media landscape changed? And, looking forward, what challenges do they face covering a Trump White House?

Former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Julián Castro

February 1, 2017

Former Secretary Castro will discuss his work rebuilding the housing market, increasing affordable homeownership and furthering the Fair Housing Act under the Obama Administration.

America in the Trump Era: JD Vance - Hillbilly Elegy

February 3, 2017

Author JD Vance discusses his best-selling memoir Hillbilly Elegy. “Hillbilly Elegy is the story of how upward mobility really feels. And it is an urgent and troubling meditation on the loss of the American dream for a large segment of this country.” 

America in the Trump Era: The Future of Health Care

February 8, 2017

What might ‘TrumpCare’ look like? Can President Trump provide universal coverage – as he has promised – without keeping much of what makes up the Affordable Care Act, from insurance mandates to taxes? What would repeal without full replacement mean for the 20 million-plus Americans who currently have coverage due to the law? What could fallout mean politically for Democrats and Republicans? What has worked with the ACA and what hasn’t? And could Democrats and Republicans work together on building on the ACA or coming up with an alternative?

Fake News, Alternative Facts, and the World of Misinformation with Buzzfeed’s Craig Silverman

February 13, 2017

How did America enter the ‘alternative facts’ era? How did Internet trolls who spread viral chain letters in the 90s & early 2000s morph into a monetized and politicized business? Who is gaining from the spread of false information? What is the responsibility of social network platforms to regulate ‘fake news’? And when does weeding out lies crossover into censorship? Craig Silverman has been dubbed the “Fake News Expert” and he presents how fake news trends have changed over the years and what the next big battle for news accuracy is.

America in the Trump Era: The Future of the GOP

February 16, 2017

With the 2016 campaign over and a controversial first month for the Trump presidency, the Republican Party is at a crossroads. The GOP controls all three branches of government, yet many Republic voters are divided in their support of the new administration. Can the GOP reconcile the factions within the party? What do these tensions mean for the future of the Party? And, what are the implications for the 2018 elections?