2017-18 Multimedia Series

Autumn 2017

Pod Save America Takes Hyde Park

October 9, 2017

After collaborating on Keepin’ It 1600 for The Ringer, four White House veterans launched Pod Save America as a platform “to talk about politics the way actual human beings talk,” mixing day-to-day commentary with guidance on getting involved in the political process. Together, they discuss the importance of civic engagement, the state of Democratic activism, and the recipe for a perfect ad read.



RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel

October 10, 2017 

Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel previously served as the RNC State Chair from Michigan. She is the second woman ever to hold the RNC’s highest position. Chairwoman McDaniel addresses the state of American politics, the future of the GOP, and the 2018 midterm elections.



The Press and the Pressure: Political Journalism in 2017

October 24, 2017

Twitter has accelerated the news cycle and created a demand for real-time responses. The cost of business has forced media outlets to consolidate resources in large cities – often at the expense of on-the-ground reporting from state capitals. Meanwhile, a nationwide trend toward distrust of media outlets, sometimes expressed in outright hostility toward reporters, has further complicated the relationship between the press and the public. Four distinguished journalists discuss political journalism in 2017.



DNC Chair Tom Perez

October 25, 2017

Tom Perez previously served as Secretary of Labor and civil rights attorney for the U.S. Department of Justice in the Obama administration. Mr. Perez addresses the state of American politics, the future of the Democratic Party, and the 2018 midterm elections.



The Honorable Terry McAuliffe & The Honorable Jim Hodges

October 30, 2017

Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe and former South Carolina Governor Jim Hodges converse on their time as Democratic governors in southern states. Together, they discuss the unique priorities of Democratic politics in the south, the challenges of addressing their states’ legacies of oppression, and the recent increases in white supremacist violence, as seen in Charlottesville this summer. 



Winter 2018

Religion and Religious Expression in the Academy and Public Life

January 17, 2018

The International House Global Voices Program, The Lumen Christi Institute, The Divinity School at The University of Chicago, and the Institute of Politics co-sponsor a discussion on religion and religious expression in the academy and public life featuring Ross Douthat (New York Times op-ed columnist) and a panel of scholars, moderated by Willemien Otten (Professor of Theology and of the History of Christianity and Director of the Martin Marty Center for the Public Understanding of Religion at the University of Chicago Divinity School).



William Josephson on the Electoral College

January 23, 2018

The International House Global Voices Program welcome William Josephson, AB’52, senior advisor to the Sargent Shriver Peace Institute. A distinguished attorney and public servant who earned his A.B. from the University of Chicago, Josephson was awarded the University of Chicago Alumni Association’s Public Service Citation in 2007 and has recently been a Shriver Fellow at the University’s Institute of Politics.



America’s Mayors: Getting Stuff Done in 2018

February 20, 2018

The International House Global Voices Program and the IOP welcome a panel of mayors from cities across the United States. Together, they discuss the ways in which their city governments have adapted to federal gridlock by creating innovative solutions to public problems – while waiting for Washington to catch up.


Ambassador Nikki R. Haley

February 22, 2018

Join the Global Voices Program and the University of Chicago Institute of Politics as we welcome Ambassador Nikki R. Haley, the United States’ Permanent Representative to the United Nations. Ambassador Haley previously served as Governor of South Carolina from 2011 to 2017. During her tenure at the United Nations, Ambassador Haley has prioritized organizational reform and the defense of human rights while addressing the international threat posed by North Korea.


BlacKorea - Reimaginations Discussions with Students

February 28, 2018

BlacKorea is based on filmmaker Patti Kim Gill's life, born to a Korean mother and an African-American father in Chicago, and takes an honest look at stereotypes resulting from two cultures colliding. In the Tiffin Boardroom, the Global Voices Program presents a special Reimaginations discussion around the topic of Identity.

Spring 2018

Secret Drum Band: 2018 National Tour

March 29, 2018

The International House Global Voices Performing Arts & Lecture Series hosted a lecture and performance by Lisa Schonberg and the Secret Drum Band. Lisa Schonberg is a composer and percussionist with a background in ecology and entomology. Her practice uses field recording, writing, and music composition to document and bring more attention to topics concerning ecology, endangered species, and threatened habitats, often through multimedia collaborations.

Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright

April 19, 2018

The International House Global Voices Program and the Institute of Politics welcomed Madeleine Albright, former US Secretary of State under President Clinton, to the International House. Before becoming the first woman ever to hold the position, Secretary Albright served in the National Security Council and as the United States’ Permanent Representative to the United Nations.

Diplomatic Encounters Series: Ambassador of Pakistan Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhry on Pakistan-US Relations

April 28, 2018

Presently serving as Ambassador of Pakistan to the United States of America since 13 March 2017,  Ambassador Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhry has many years of multilateral political experience. He has served as the Foreign Secretary of Pakistan as well as the Foreign Office Spokesman. 

2018 Kirschner Human Rights Memorial Lecture with Carol Anderson 

May 31, 2018

International House Global Voices Program and the Pozen Family Center for Human Rights welcomed Professor Carol Anderson of Emory University for the annual Robert H. Kirschner Human Rights Memorial Lecture. Anderson is the Charles Howard Candler Professor of African American Studies at Emory University and a 2018-19 John Simon Guggenheim Fellow in Constitutional Studies.