Global Voices Metcalf Internships

The Jeff Metcalf Internship Program provides paid, substantive internships exclusively to UChicago undergraduates during the summer and the academic year. Over 4,500 students and 1,000 employers both within the United States and abroad have benefited from the program since its inception in 1997.

The Jeff Metcalf Fellows program honors Harold "Jeff" Metcalf (AM' 53), Dean of Students at the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business from 1956-1975 and Director of Athletics for the University from 1976-1981. Jeff Metcalf was also a long time member of the International House Board of Governors serving on the Development Committee. The program has been made possible by alumni, parents and friends all over the world, and it has remained true to Jeff's vision of strengthening the University's global community.

Within International House, Metcalf Interns have the unique opportunity to assist with various aspects of the Global Voices Performing Arts & Lecture Series including program coordination, public relations and marketing and providing logistical support to International House. Learn more about the Metcalf Internship program.

Global Voices Metcalf Interns


IsabelIsabel Almazan

"I applied to Global Voices because I wanted to become more involved in the incredibly diverse International House community. So far, I've met a lot of great people and have had a lot of fun putting together events, especially the One Campus Cook Off, where I got the full experience of planning an event completely from scratch and learned first-hand about all the challenges that can come up in the process."

Isabel is a third-year student hailing from Austin, Texas, though her family originates in Malaga, Spain. Isabel is an Economics/Creative Writing double major. She is a Special Events Manager for the Global Voices Program. 

Sophia Benzarti

“Working at International House has given me the opportunity to interact and work closely people from many different professional and cultural backgrounds. This kind of experience is invaluable and difficult to find at other internship opportunities. On a more personal note, I feel as though I have tangibly contributed to the residential community here at International House by engaging residents and community members through social media and events. I love when more residents come together and enjoy our programming."

Sophia is a current I-House resident. A fourth-year in the College, she is finishing up her Global Studies major. Sophia works as a Special Events Manager, supervising the other interns and managing events. 

becoming Maddy Birmingham

"Becoming involved in the Global Voices Program has allowed me to fully immerse myself in all the wonderful opportunities at International House while also connecting with different communities and cultures. As a resident, I value the involvement in my own community, but I also appreciate all the different opportunities working with the programming office has provided me."

Maddy comes from Chandler, Arizona, but her family has also lived in Chicago, and, originally, Kansas. She is a second-year, pre-med majoring in Gender and Sexuality Studies who lives in International House. 

I amYufan Chen

"I am very excited to be a part of an organization that dedicates itself to advancing cross-cultural dialogues. Working as an intern at International House has allowed me to interact with people from diverse backgrounds. It is a great learning experience for me both culturally and professionally."

Yufan is a second-year from Wuxi, China, majoring in Economics and Fundamentals: Issues and Texts. He enjoys designing promotional materials and working at events. 

JocelynJocelyn Garcia

"Being a Global Voices Intern at International House has provided me with the opportunity to work and learn from people from many cultural backgrounds. Every event is a learning experience that allows me to gain knowledge about different parts of the world. I've always wanted to promote diversity, and working at I-House gives me the opportunity to do so."

Jocelyn is a third-year in the College majoring in Economics and Spanish. For the last two summers, she has worked with Latino and refugee populations in Chicago. She is currently one of the Event Coordinators and is involved with the Communications and Film teams. 

NatalieNatalie Kessler

"As a former resident of International House, I have always enjoyed attending the various events the Global Voices Program hosts throughout the year. Now that I am one of the Metcalf Inters working for this program, I can work closely with those who come from diverse backgrounds and continue to participate in International House's unique community."

Natalie is a third-year in the College and from one of the suburbs of Chicago. She is currently pursuing a double major in Public Policy and Global Studies. Natalie is the Lead Production Intern, coordinating and working on all aspects of Global Voices promotional materials such as posters and videos. 

Minyu Li

"Working as a Global Voices Metcalf Intern gives me the opportunity to get involved in so many events that are happening here on campus. I am glad that I can be part of the team that is changing people's view on other cultures and different parts of the world."

Minyu is a third-year from Wuhan, China majoring in Spanish and Computer Science. She designs promotional materials and works with the website. 

AlexAlex Maqueria

"Working as a Global Voices Metcalf intern has given me a remarkably eye-opening experience of not only the variety of events that take place right here on our campus at Chicago, but also glimpses into cultural events that occur all over the world. The utter variety of and care given to each event never ceases to amaze me, and I'm so thrilled to be part of the team."

Alex is a second-year student majoring in both Psychology and English Language and Literature. He enjoys working performance events and IOP events. 

Angad Singh

"Being a Metcalf intern at I-House is meaningful to me because it allows me to interact closely with other cultures, an experience I began to value growing up in Delhi, the capital of one of the most diverse nations in the world."

Angad joins the Metcalf team from New Dehli, India. He expects to major in History and enjoys working events pertaining to global politics and policy. 

RenaRena Slavin

"Being a Global Voices Metcalf intern has afforded me the invaluable opportunity to develop a professional skill set while contributing to the university community. I have always believed that cultural exchange fosters understanding among individuals of different backgrounds. My work at I-House allows me to be part of this process."

Rena is a third-year from Great Neck, NY. She is pursuing a double major in Economics and Music. As the Lead Communications Intern, Rena manages the website, event promotion, and the journalism team. 

Danielle Tarigha

"Having the opportunity to work at International House and be exposed to so many diverse events, speakers, scholars, and cultures from all over the world has been a throughly enriching experience for me thus far. I am looking forward to being more engaged within the International House community and assisting in the implementation of more events and programs as a Global Voices Fellow."

Danielle is a second-year Economics and Global Studies major from Ocala, Florida, though she was born in London, England. With experience in graphic and web design, photography, and film-making, Danielle is actively contributing to the Global Voices communications and audiovisual teams. 

Calvin Wang

"As a Global Voices Intern, I've had the incredible opportunity to work at and attend a variety of different events. From lectures to performances, festivals to panels, the events sponsored by the Gloal Voices program have exposed me to such a diverse group of interests, cultures, and people. I would be surprised to find another internship that rivals the sheer variety our programming provides."

Calvin is a second-year from Beijing, China who now lives in Boston. He is a former resident of International House and is pursuing a double major in English and History. 

Ege Yalcindag

"With the Global Voices program, I have the opportunity to interact with people from a range of backgrounds and work closely on putting together each cultural experience. I get to do what I love, explore and understand the different cultures that make up the International House community, with people who are as passionate about learning about different cultures as I am."

Ege is a first-year at the College and is living in International House. She is originally from Milton, MA, though her family originates from Istanbul, Turkey. She is a Biology/French double major on the premed track. As a Global Voices Metcalf Intern, Ege conducts interviews with invited speakers and engages her fellow International House residents through social media to encourage them to participate in events. 

Global Voices Metcalf Interns participated in traditional Chinese dumpling making while assisting with a Chinese New Year party at the International House.