2018-2019 Graduate Fellowship Recipients

International House Graduate Fellows

Ahmed, Ahmed, Egypt, Economics, Social Sciences Division

Amos, Tyler, Canada, Computation, Social Sciences Division

Avello Leon, Carolina Maria, Paraguay, Harris School of Public Policy

Caro, Andres, Colombia, Divinity School

Chandra, Abhimanyu, USA, South Asian Languages and Civilizations, Humanities Division

Chang, Alan, USA, Mathematics, Physical Sciences Division

Chidambaram, Shiva, India, Mathematics, Physical Sciences Division

Chris-Rotimi, Omaremi, USA, Booth School of Business

Demir, Bahattin, Turkey, Center for Middle Eastern Studies, Humanities Division 

Duan, Ke, China, Harris School of Public Policy

Gao, Ji, China, French, Romance Languages and Literatures, Humanities Division

Garavito Jimenez, Estefania, Colombia, Harris School of Public Policy

Giuliano, Elijah Raab, USA, Law School 

Giannoula, Asimina, Greece, Linguistics, Humanities Division

Gupta, Lipi, USA, Physics, Physical Sciences Division

Gutierrez, Juliet, USA, Social Services Administration 

Hu, Nianbo, China, Booth School of Business 

Irakóze, Kévin, Burundi, Philosophy, Humanities Division

Jiang, Chenxin, Singapore, Committee on Social Thought

Jokar, Mohammad Reza, Iran, Computer Science, Physical Sciences Division

Kundu, Debsouri, India, Chemistry, Physical Sciences Division

Kundu, Shohini, USA, Booth School of Business

Lavingia, Sakina, Pakistan, Harris School of Public Policy

Meyer, Cherry, USA, Linguistics, Humanities Division

Nair, Vishnu, India, Chemistry, Physical Sciences Division 

Olimpieva, Evgenia, Russia, Political Science, Social Sciences Division

Orban, Krisztina, Hungary, Economics, Social Sciences Division

Poddar, Sanjukta, India, South Asian Languages and Civilizations, Humanities Division

Popovic, Milica, Serbia, Social Services Administration 

Rajendran, Goutham, India, Computer Science, Physical Sciences Division

Ren, Zeyu, China, Law School

Wang, Vera, China, Harris School of Public Policy

Wyse, Angela Jean, USA, Harris School of Public Policy 

Xherija, Orest, Albania, Linguistics, Humanities Division

Xue, Samantha (Jing), USA, Booth School of Business

Zhang, Yudong, China, School of Social Service Administration