Plan Your Own Program

All community members are encouraged to initiate their own events for the International House community! Community involvement is essential for mainting vibrant International House programs.

There are many things to consider when planning a program, including where and when to hold the event and what activities will take place during the event. GRAD Global Impact Interns can assist you in planning your own program for the House. Collaborating with a GRAD Intern will ensure that you have access to all of the resources that the Office of Programs and External Relations can offer for resident programs and will help guide your program ideas and implementation process. Contact a GRAD Intern to begin planning your own program for International House community members!

Current and past events initiated by students include:

Renaissance Dinner: An Italian student came up with the idea of hosting a Renaissance-style dinner. Participants were transported back in time with traditional costumes, a meal composed of Renaissance recipes, and artistic performances from that era.

Salsa Classes: A sudent from Mexico started weekly dancing classes. He taught other students how to dance to the best latin rhythms, as they partook in dialogue and shared food and wine.

Discussion Groups: This program was started by a group of students who wanted to spotlight various students and cultures throughout the year. Since then it has evolved into conversations about a variety of topics of interest. One student held a series of conversations named "Reimaginations at the Courtyard", where guest student speakers would share their point of view on topics such as desire, violence, uncertainty, risk, legacy, and friendship. Another student held weekly discussions about theology during lunch time.

Students in traditional costumes at the Renaissance dinner during alumni weekend.