2015 Davis Grant Recipient

Sujata Singh

Sujata Singh, a student at the University of Chicago’s Harris School of Public Policy Studies from Nepal, will use the grant for her project Empowerment through Digital Literacy. The project aims to implement a digital literacy project in Shree Bhairab Secondary School, located in Alad, a rural village in the far western region of Nepal. As Sujata explained “Nepal is still reeling from the recent decade long civil war (1996-2006), which killed around 18,000 people and internally displaced around 150,000. During the civil war, in villages such as Alad, Maoists shut down many schools and forced youth to join guerrilla groups. The inhabitants lived in constant fear as Maoists rebel groups destroyed infrastructures and killed innocent people in the name of revolution. This negatively impacted the social and economic development of the village, effects of which can still be seen today. Even though the war ended a long time ago, the government has not made any efforts to fight the effects of war and bringing any sort of development to Alad. Most of the youth remain disenfranchised and uninvolved in direct peace building efforts because of the lack of opportunities and the technological disconnect. There is a need for peace in Alad, the kind of peace that comes not only from the end of war, but from having access to quality education and opportunities. It is my hope that educating and engaging students positively will help stabilize and promote peace in the community.” The project will partner with the Computer Association of Nepal and Nepal Telecom.  Read Sujata's blog about her journey in Nepal!

Learn more about Sujata's Project here!