2018 Davis Grant Recipient

Hekang Yang

Hekang Yang is an international student from China studying in the Master of Arts Program in the Social Sciences at the University of Chicago. He will use the grant for his project Curing the African Diaspora Community in Guangzhou, China: Disease Stigma and Health Care. Hekang Yang will spend six weeks in China conducting a health survey and working to bridge the gap between local health resources and the African community with the goal of creating a permanent health support system. The project seeks to reduce the disease stigma on African migrants and builds a long-term relationship between the African diaspora community and local medical resources. The project will be completed in Guangzhou, China which has the largest African community in Asia. The project will partner with Sun Yat-Sen University and the Guangdong Second Provincial General Hospital which are both leading institutions in China.

Learn more about Hekang's project by visiting his blog.