2019 Davis Grant Recipient

Andrés Caro 

Andrés Caro is an international student from Colombia studying in the University of Chicago Divinity School. He will use the grant for his project Summer Peace Program for Single Mothers, Immigrant Mothers and Children: Peaceful Playing, Peaceful Thinking and Common Living. This project will create an opportunity for reflection and learning for a group of young and disenfranchised Venezuelan children who have been affected by the Venezuelan dictatorship and who have arrived in Colombia. This grant will support a space for thinking and playing for children and will offer a series of masterclasses and workshops for mothers or caregivers with a focus on access to public services including education, technology, health services and job training opportunities in Colombia. The project will serve more than 300 individuals and has built partnerships with diverse Colombian NGO’s, Municipal Public Offices such as Bogotá’s Human Rights Division, and several businesses. 

Learn more about Caro's project by visiting his blog.