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Tenth Anniversary of the UChicago Center in Beijing

To celebrate the tenth anniversary of its inception, the University of Chicago Center in Beijing will host a series of virtual events featuring UChicago faculty and leading Chinese scholars discussing pivotal research in science, humanities, social sciences and more. Tune in every Tuesday and Thursday at 7 p.m. in Chicago | Wednesday and Friday at 9:00 a.m. in Beijing throughout the month of January (1/6 - 1/29). The celebration will conclude with a reflection by presidents of leading universities on the future of higher education.

Event details, including the full list of speakers and event descriptions, are available on the website.

Thu., Jan. 28, 2021

Prasenjit Duara Lecture: The Varieties of Secularism: China, Japan, and India in the era of Abrahamic Modernity

Join International House and the Center for East Asian Studies as we host Prasenjit Duara, Oscar L. Tang Family Distinguished Professor of East Asian Studies at Duke University. Secularisms in different societies have been shaped by complex crossings of older, looser collection of ideas and practices of ‘religion’ and the modern Protestantized conception of religion. Professor Duara develops a comparative frame of reference to discuss the nature of religious accommodation historically in China, India and Japan and Europe particularly with the confessional revolutions of the 16-17th centuries. He argues that the confessional revolutions played a significant role in the emergence of the self/other (saved/damned) binary of nationalism.

Fri., Jan. 29, 2021

UChicago Presents: Mariza Sings Amália

For more than two centuries, the Portuguese folk style of fado has been epitomized by just two singers: Amália Rodrigues and Mariza Nunes. To mark the centenary of the late "Queen of Fado", Mariza shares a streaming concert featuring the songs that defined Amália's career and nearly a century of the genre. 

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