Global Mentorship Network

The Global Mentorship Network is a collaboration between the International House and the Office of International Affairs. Through consistent meet-ups and social events, the Global Mentorship Network aims to develop and facilitate a network of support for international graduate students at the University of Chicago. This one-year program will connect mentors with a cohort of new international graduate students. With support from I-House and OIA, mentors will foster a sense of community and provide resources for their cohorts. Through this collaborative cohort model, inclusive programming, and regular reflection and feedback, the Global Mentorship Network intends to enhance the overall international student experience at the University of Chicago.

Participants in the GMN Network for the 2019-2020 academic year can now join our new facebook page. We will be using this page to share announcements (which we will also share through our email updates and I-House posters) and to facilitate discussion between our members.

Students from the Global Mentorship Network participated in an improv theater workshop with the Revival Theater last fall.