2022-2023—Our 90th Anniversary Theme

Welcoming the world. Championing diversity.


At the dedication of International House of Chicago on October 3, 1932, there was an address by Raymond Fosdick titled The New Internationalism: A Plea for Diversity. Fosdick was an integral part of the Rockefeller Foundation, serving as a trustee and leading adviser to John D. Rockefeller, Jr., founder of the four original International Houses, in New York (1924), Berkeley (1930), Chicago (1932), and Paris (1936). In his address, Fosdick states:

I should hope that this place would be a home of honest differences, a refuge for conflicting opinions, a haven for contrasts. I should wish that this institution would be a forum for economic ideas orthodox and unorthodox, a center of social and cultural theories that reflect the whole range of human experience. I should hope that here would be woven a fabric of variegated pattern and of many shades and colors—a fabric from which a flag might be fashioned to unfurl in the face of a leveling mechanism. In brief, if I should be asked to suggest a motto for this new house, an inscription to be placed over its doors, I would give you these words: Not standardization but diversity. Not nationalism but nationality.

The International House mission to promote peace through cross-cultural understanding grew out of the aftermath of World War I, when countries started to look inward. Our mission has never changed, and our community remains committed to this important work. As globalization brings new opportunities and complexities, our work to prepare leaders for the global community resonates today with renewed urgency. We remain dedicated to our founding principles and to creating an inclusive environment where all individuals are empowered to fully participate in the exchange of ideas and perspectives.

It is for these reasons that we chose the theme for our anniversary celebration—Welcoming the world. Championing diversity.

As we celebrated this important milestone, we recommitted ourselves to work tirelessly to uphold these ideals—through globally focused public programs on campus and around the world, community outreach and engagement activities designed to foster diversity of thought and experience, and as active members of the International Houses Worldwide organization.

The role and mission of International House are more important than ever: in order to make their greatest possible impact in the international marketplace of ideas, UChicago students and scholars must be engaged with ideas and approaches from around the world. I-House helps them do that, while also contributing to the intellectual and cultural fabric of the greater Chicago community.

To that end, we hosted a wide range of programs during the 2022–23 academic year as we celebrated 90 years of Welcoming the world. Championing diversity.

The Anniversary Logo

To serve as a visual centerpiece for our yearlong celebrations, we created a 90th anniversary logo. It anchored our anniversary communications throughout the year and was prominently featured at our events on campus, in Chicago, and around the world.

The custom design utilizes Gotham, the University’s primary typeface, to underscore our affiliation within the University of Chicago, while lending a contemporary feel with modern and clean lines.

While the logo pays homage to our past, it also reflects our ongoing commitment to global understanding and ensuring that International House will continue—Welcoming the world. Championing diversity.—well into the future.

Anniversary Events

Explore lectures, panels, and other events highlighting International House’s 90 years.

For Campus Communications

Download the communication guidelines and logos for the 90th anniversary.


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