Annual Candle Lighting Ceremony

'Sunday Supper' is one of the oldest traditions at International House. It dates back to the early 20th century before the first International House was established in 1924. The idea of 'Sunday Supper' began with Harry Edmonds, a YMCA official in New York and founder of the International House idea, who often invited international students to his house for supper. Today, 'Sunday Supper' frequently takes place on other days of the week.

The Meaning of the Candle Lighting Ceremony and 'Sunday Supper' Pledge

A Candle Lighting Ceremony is held in conjunction with 'Sunday Supper' to bring to a close a period of sharing experiences and knowledge with friends from many parts of the world.

Today, this event brings together the International House community.  The International House Candle Lighting Ceremony held at the end of each year is one of the most special moments of the I-House experience. For students of every generation, the Candle Lighting Ceremony and recitation of the International House Pledge remain touchstones of their time at I-House. Last year, our ceremonial send-off was an online gathering.

International House Pledge

The International House pledge is recited at each 'Sunday Supper':

“As light begets light, so love, friendship, and goodwill are passed from one to another. We who have come from many nations to live in one fellowship at International House promise one another to pass the light wherever we go.”