Brand Identity

Our Logo

The University of Chicago International House logo is inspired by the architecture of our home here on UChicago’s campus. You’ll notice the arched doorway which lends a welcoming and open feel. This logo is an evolution of our original with a contemporary and modern sensibility that feels up to date.

The typography has been updated to Gotham, the University’s main display typeface.

Primary Logo

90th Anniversary Mark

To serve as a visual centerpiece for our yearlong celebrations, we have created a 90th anniversary logo. It will anchor our anniversary communications throughout the year and be prominently featured at our events on campus, in Chicago, and around the world.

The custom design utilizes Gotham, the University’s primary typeface, to underscore our affiliation within the University of Chicago, while lending a contemporary feel with modern and clean lines.

While the logo pays homage to our past, it also reflects our ongoing commitment to global understanding and ensuring that International House will continue our 90th anniversary theme—Welcoming the world. Championing diversity.—well into the future.

Architectural Graphics

The University of Chicago Brand Assets & Guidelines

Download University brand assets, such as logos, the Shield, the Phoenix, video templates, color libraries, and communication tools—PowerPoint, Word, and email signature templates.


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