2022-2023 Annual Report of Activities

This annual report documents our progress this past year in service and engagement with our students and University departments, our alumni, and supporters worldwide as well as with local communities and organizations throughout the City of Chicago. This publication is shared with friends of International House worldwide and highlights the many interesting programs taking place at the House. Through this wide array of activities, we have further expanded our role in enriching community life by sharing cultural resources and networks and offering a wide range of programs and services to our students, to the UChicago community, and beyond.

International House 2022-2023 Annual Report on Activities

International House Yearbook

An address at the dedication of International House on October 3, 1932, by Raymond Fosdick titled The New Internationalism: A Plea for Diversity. The text of the address appeared in the first International House Yearbook published in the spring of 1933.

Raymond Fosdick was an integral part of the Rockefeller Foundation serving as a trustee and leading adviser to Rockefeller Jr.


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