June 23, 2015

I took a two hour flight from Kathmandu to Dhangadi early on Monday morning with the four computers and one printer. From Dhangadi, I will need to take a four hour bus ride to Alad, which I will be doing on Wednesday. Dhangadi is very different than Kathmandu, it is much hotter and more remote (even though it has the fifth biggest city of Nepal).

I met the headmaster of Shree Bhairab school today, and he will be escorting us on our ride to Alad on Wednesday. The headmaster, Keshab sir, told us that the students are really excited about the computers and about the project. The computers will be used only by students in Grade 6 and up, therefore I decided to buy a notebook and a pencil for each of the students in Grade 1 – 6. We will also be buying some extra books and learning materials! I am just as excited as the students to go to the village and start classes with students!

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