July 1, 2015

Everything is going really well! I installed all the computers and printer with the help of the teachers. We tested them and they all are working in great condition. On Monday and Tuesday, I gave some basic training and orientation to the teachers. Some of the teachers already knew how to use the computers, but they have been gaining more practice with the new system.

On Wednesday, with the help of one of the teachers, I gave some computer classes to the students in Grade 6. From last year, computer has been introduced as a mandatory subject for grades 6 and up. However, many of the students in villages such as Alad might have seen a computer or a picture of one, but they have never touched a computer. Even when we held classes for Grade 6, many of them had no idea even how to hold a mouse. However, I am certain that they will learn fast. The students are really excited about the computers and they are filled with a new sense of purpose and motivation.

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