July 7, 2015

Last week while talking to many schools in Dhangadi out of curiosity, I found the school system in this part of the country to be abysmally weak. I have decided to do my second project in a school in Taranagar area in Dhangadi called “Rastriya Secondary School.” Almost 95% of the students in the school are from Tharu and Dalit communities. Tharu and Dalit are two of the lowest caste in Nepal and these people are usually the poorest. Recently, the government has mandated that grade 6 and up students need to study computers but this school has no computers. The students are of low income, therefore, most of them have never touched a computer. The students overall have really good grades despite being from such low income families. I noticed a certain spirit and determination in the teachers and students of the school that has touched me.

I initially wanted to spend the funds towards the earthquake, however, almost all of the schools around Kathmandu affected by earthquake have received a lot of funds and support internationally and from the government. But, this school in Dhangadi has not received any support or help from government or other organizations. Therefore, I have decided to do a project in Dhangadi similar to the one in Alad. I know this will mean a lot to the students and will have a big impact on the community.

I plan to give them about 5 computers and a printer, do some training with the teachers, and run classes for a week with students. Through the five computers and other educational support, I know it will encourage not only the immediate students but also the broader community.

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