July 29, 2018

This is a productive week. We start our collaboration with Dengfeng Community Foreigner Service Center. The foreigner service center will distribute medical pamphlets, advertise the vaccine program, provide space for workshops, and most importantly develop the health division in the future. Though the Chinese police office has not released any official statistics, there are more than eight thousand visits to the foreigner service center last year. Most of the African residents in this area come from Mali, Congo (Democratic Republic),  Congo (Republic), and Guinea.

In our meetings with social workers, we realize many obstacles to interact with the African community and implement health awareness project on these residents. First, it usually takes several years for social workers to establish a trust relationship with them. Second, the local Africans are highly sensitive to hygiene-related welfare projects. Take the subsidized physical examination project, they think the Chinese government will collect their biological data.

As solutions, we are brainstorming three strategies. First, we are going to organize a practical-oriented medical workshop so that more people are willing to come. Second, we are going to establish the medical help division. In doing so, we conduct surveys with the foreigner service center and figure out the medical instruments and common drugs in need. Third, we are going to strengthen the African-Chinese children football team. Through community sports games, we believe the interracial bonds among children and their public effects can promote the healthcare awareness within the community.

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