August 13, 2018

In this week, we continue our collaboration with social workers in the community center. First, we are shopping for medical equipment to establish the health division in the Dengfeng Community Foreigner Service Center. Because of diet habits, local African residents are suffering from high blood pressure and blood cholesterol, which in turn increase their health risk such as heart attack. Therefore, we decide to purchase a dozen of blood pressure and blood sugar machines in respect to diagnose and control their potential health risk. These machines will be allocated in the health division at the foreigner service center, chambers of commerce, and churches. Besides that, in one hundred medical boxes, we also include first aids, contraceptives, thermometers, masks, etc. We are negotiating with the local hospital to make sure if we can distribute medicines ourselves or other alternatives.

Raising the awareness of health within the diaspora community is our next task, particularly among African women who usually are in the vulnerable position due to socioeconomic and educational reasons. According to African residents’ feedback, our medical pamphlet is helpful. Yet, it is too professional for the less educated. We are researching new materials and trying to design a visual-oriented pamphlet for African women.

Our next week’s task will be the logistics of our workshop and coordination with African social organizations including family churches and chambers of commerce.

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