August 21, 2018

This week was a challenge. When we were finalizing the children vaccination program with Dengfeng Community Health Center, a national vaccine crisis occurred—-several pharmaceutical companies produced bad children vaccines. The scandal stimulated public anger in social media and the government for intervention . The  Community Health Center was reluctant to carry out our children vaccination program which may increase their risk of medical incidents with foreigners. It was a very difficult moment for our project. We thought we had to either find a new partnership or give up the vaccine program. In the end, we reached a compromise. We would distribute a third portion of our vaccine fund to set up a family doctor program for African women. At the meantime, two third of the vaccine fund  will continue to be used for African children vaccination.

We also implemented a onsite community service in Dengfeng Trading Mall where many African businessmen/women visited and stayed. With our medical equipments and resources, the Dengfeng Community Foreigner Service Center is able to set up a monthly free community medial service. Through this project, we coordinate the partnership between Health Center and Foreigner Service Center for information sharing to enhance the allocation of social medical resources for foreigners.

Overall it has been an eye opening experience. The community building for Africans in Guangzhou is at its initial stage.  However I am really glad the efforts we made was taken positively by social workers and local Africans including parents and women. They were really happy receiving our health care programs, willing to attend the community medial service, and recognize the importance of physical health. I really appreciate many supports I got from Davis Peace Foundation, UChicago I-House, Dengfeng Community Health Center, and Foreigner Service Center during my project. This project would not be accomplished without their generous help!

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