June 14, 2022

We are thrilled to share that phase 1 of our project, installation of solar panels, has officially started! This week we are starting to receive the supply of equipment, components, and materials for the construction of a DC backup system, consisting of a DC/AC inverter together with an AGM battery bank and polycrystalline photovoltaic modules. Additionally, the installation of a hybrid power generation system for refrigeration system, electrical rotating loads, resistive loads, and others such as General lighting, microwaves, refrigerators, among others is being implemented. The system, due to its construction, allows the inclusion of other equipment associated with general operation during power outages, which in Venezuela are quite common with even a daily frequency. In this sense, phase 1 of the program seeks to provide autonomy, security, and protection to equipment and assets, allowing continuity in operations through for Puntos Solidarios day to day activities. Lastly, engineering, start-up, tests, and measurements with the aim of validating the correct operation of the system and executing the opening of the guarantee of the installation and the associated equipment will be enhanced by our allies IntelPower. Join us in check in how the installation comes up to put us a step closer towards our sustainability as we keep feeding the minds, hopes and dreams of children in Caracas!

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