June 27, 2023

Hola from Colombia,

There is some exciting news since the last post: I have successfully completed my Master of Public Policy degree at the University of Chicago. Currently, I’m in Bogota, Colombia, getting ready for my upcoming flight to Venezuela in the coming days.

Over the past weeks, we have been working hard in a series of rigorous training sessions conducted simultaneously across our four schools in Caracas. Thus far, our community ambassadors have learned about the United Nations System, public speaking, and global issues such as human rights, social justice, peace, and security. Additionally, we have thoughtfully arranged debate simulations, enabling them to apply their newly acquired skills while fostering continued growth and development.

Our next activity will be a formal debate where schools from various districts within the city have been invited to participate. Our ambassadors will have the opportunity to compete in a real context! Imagine the scene: young diplomats, resplendent in their finest attire, their hearts pounding with nerves, standing tall to face their fears head-on. Representing a country in the General Assembly of the United Nations is challenging but they are ready to embark on this new adventure full of invaluable lessons.

Moreover, I’m excited to return to Venezuela, my cherished homeland, after an absence spanning three and a half years. I’m eager to reunite with familiar faces and meet in person the new generation of community ambassadors. The enthusiasm and dedication of the young ambassadors inspire me, and I strongly believe that our combined efforts will make Venezuela and the world a better place. My heart is filled with gratitude and I’m excited to start new adventures, work together, and make a lasting difference.


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