July 20, 2023

In the embrace of history and the spirit of camaraderie, we crafted two extraordinary experiences: a special lecture and a sports day, both designed to instill values that would shape the course of our young ambassadors’ lives.


The Special Lecture: A Glimpse into History

One of the most important events we had was to bring Nora Fischbach, an expert in political science, whose family had survived the Holocaust, to give a special lecture. As Nora shared her family’s poignant stories, the room fell silent, captivated by the weight of history and the importance of passing down these narratives to future generations.

Many of the children, who had little prior understanding of the Holocaust and World War II, were guided on an emotional trip that aroused their interest and empathy. They gained knowledge about the terrible effects of war, the negative effects of discrimination and antisemitism, and the value of peace and respect. The young ambassadors were profoundly affected by Nora’s words, which helped them to grasp the dangers of prejudice and the importance of valuing diversity.

The young minds exited the lecture classroom with new perspectives. You could see the flicker of hope and the ember of knowledge that would enable them to sculpt a world that is united in its opposition to bigotry and discrimination in their eyes. Nora’s talk did more than just provide the students with a look at the past; it also lit a fire in each young person’s heart, revealing a route to a happier and more compassionate future.







A Sports Day for Building Character

In an effort to foster teamwork, discipline, and leadership, we planned a dynamic sports day with thrilling sports like rugby and soccer. As the children eagerly participated, forging friendships that cut beyond social boundaries, the field resounded with laughter and cheers.

Sports have shown to be a successful medium for imparting valuable life lessons and moral principles. The students gained an appreciation for fair play, respect for rivals, and the power of teamwork via the spirit of healthy competition. While winning was satisfying, we emphasized that the ultimate victory resided in the friendship developed among teammates and “rivals” alike.

The sports day also became a platform to nurture individual talents and foster self-confidence. The children embraced challenges with enthusiasm, discovering their potential beyond the classroom walls. The energy on the field was infectious, and it left an enduring impact on the participants, encouraging them to embrace a more active and vibrant lifestyle.


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