Hyde Park Jazz Festival 2020

Saturday, September 26, 2020
Hyde Park

Saturday, September 26, 2020


Hyde Park

Tune in for the 14th annual Hyde Park Jazz Festival! Each year, this jazz celebration features the finest artists in local, national, and international jazz. This year, there will be performances streamed from The Reva & David Logan Center for the Arts on Saturday evening and pop-up concerts throughout the neighborhood on Sunday.



Alexis Lombre Quartet | 4:00-4:45PM CT

Greg Ward’s Rogue Parade | 5:00-5:45PM CT

Charles Heath Quartet | 6:00-6:45PM CT

Dee Alexander and the A-Team | 7:00-7:45PM CT

Marquis Hill’s “Circle in the Round” | 8:00-8:45PM CT

The Silent Hour: Mike Reed, Tomeka Reid, Jason Adasiewicz & guests Russ Johnson and Jakob Heinemann | 9:00-9:45PM CT

(Tune-in at hydeparkjazzfestival.org)



Maggie Brown Quintet | 1:00 PM CT | Open Lot just East of Green Line Arts Center | 329 E. Garfield Blvd

Julius Tucker Quintet | 2:45 PM CT | Parking Lot at Augustana Church | 5500 S Woodlawn Ave.

Sarah Clausen and Emerson Hunton | 1:30 PM CT | In front of St Stephen’s Church | 5640 S. Blackstone

Steve Marquette and Macie Stewart | 3:30 PM CT | Nichols Park | 1355 E 53rd St (53rd street side)

Thaddeus Tukes and Mike Frasier | 4:00 PM CT | 57th Street Pedestrian Underpassat 57th Street/Lake Shore Drive

and many more!


Visit the website to see the full line-up.


The Hyde Park Jazz Festival is a collaborative platform dedicated to supporting the presentation and ongoing development of jazz, particularly on the South Side of Chicago. It does this by creating opportunities for a diverse community of listeners to engage with the music and its creators, and by working with artists, organizational partners and networks to celebrate the rich tradition of jazz and to support the development of new works and ideas. 

For any questions about this year’s Hyde Park Jazz Festival, please contact Olivia Junell at olivia@hydeparkjazzfestival.org.

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