[Virtual] The Mahabharata: Human education, Human intelligence

December 18, 2022

Join International House as we support Kalapriya Center for Indian Performing Arts for The Mahabharata Series. The Mahabharata, the longest and oldest piece of literature, is a story of one family gone to war. A power struggle between siblings and their extended networks. Filled with greed, ambition, anger, jealousy, revenge, love, hate. It has it all! Whether you are interested in literature or philosophy or psychology everyone will find something to engage with!

Human relationships, the politics of governance, the dangers of indecisiveness – sound familiar? These dilemmas are not new to our times. Join us as we explore how the Mahabharata, this ancient Indian epic, is relevant to today’s challenges.

The master storyteller and guide for the series is Dr. Gowri Ramnarayan. She is a multilingual scholar and translator, a journalist, a playwright, a director, a musician and a choreographer.

This is open to the public. Session is $25. Registration is required.

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