Does the Truth Still Matter? In Conversation with Chris Christie

Tuesday, April 23
5:30PM - 6:45PM
Assembly Hall

Join the Institute of Politics and International House Global Voices Program for a discussion with former Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie in conversation with Leigh Ann Caldwell, American political reporter for The Washington Post.

No Republican politician illustrates the power and peril of Donald Trump and his takeover of the G.O.P. quite like New Jersey’s two-term governor, Chris Christie. Christie, once the exemplar of Republican pugilism, went from competitor to wingman in Trump’s successful rise to the presidency only to become his most outspoken antagonist. How does a man who has seen it all think the United States arrived at this juncture and what does he think the future holds?

This event is free and open to the public. Registration is required.

Please enter through door on South Dorchester Avenue.

Persons with disabilities who may need assistance should contact International House in advance of the program at (773) 753-2274 or

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