Are Liberals Now Illiberal?

Wednesday, April 17
5:30PM - 6:45PM
Assembly Hall

Join International House as we host the Institute of Politics for this event – part of their new ongoing Counterpoint series, focused on featuring civil discourse on opposing views. While Democrats and Republicans have been deeply divided for a century and the right has largely coalesced around Trumpism, the newest political rift has formed within the political left. The latest, and perhaps most politically consequential battle has formed around the war in the Middle East, but several years of internal culture wars sparked the fire. Is the “woke left” dismantling democratic values such as free speech and pluralism, or are centrists neglecting the most marginalized Americans by upholding elitist institutions? Is the left now illiberal? Featuring Osita Nwanevu, contributing editor at The New Republic and columnist at The Guardian and James Bennet, senior editor for The Economist. Moderated by Franklin Foer, staff writer at The Atlantic.

This event is free and open to the public. Registration is required.

Please enter through door on South Dorchester Avenue.

People with disabilities who may need assistance should contact International House in advance of the program at (773) 753-2274 or

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