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You can edit this contact form by going to the Formidable tab in the Dashboard. This form is named “Contact Form”.  There are a couple steps that you must take in order for this form to be ready to use. 

  1. Go to, Formidable and click on the Contact Form
  2. Click on the Settings Tab in the resulting window
  3. Click on the Form Actions in the left tab bar
  4. Click Email Notification
  5. Where it currently reads, INSERT EMAIL, please enter the email where the Form should send notifications to. 
  6. Once you have finished that, click Update. 

If there is every a time where you need to review submissions from this form, you can look at all the entries from each form created with Formidable. Additional information about this plugin is available here.

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The University of Chicago
International House
1414 East 59th Street

Chicago, Illinois 60637-2997

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