June 3, 2015

Hello everyone! My name is Sujata Singh and I am a first year graduate student at Harris School of Public Policy. I am really excited to have received the Davis Grant. I am an international student from Nepal, so being able to do a grassroot project in Nepal is something very special for me!

Initially I was planning on working with the Bhairav Secondary School, located in the Far- Western part of Nepal. However, on April 25th Nepal was struck by a 7.8 magnitude earthquake, which killed almost 9,000 people and destroyed a lot of schools and homes. Because of this recent devastation, and the immediate need for support and relief, I have decided to change my initial proposal a little bit. Along with doing my computer training project in the school in Alad, I will be working with a school in an earthquake affected region in Nepal. I am so thankful that the Davis Project and I-House community were so supportive of my decision to put some of the funds towards helping with the recent destruction due to the earthquake.

Even though I am currently busy with finals, I have started preparing for my first project in Alad. I am excited but a little nervous about the reverse culture shock I will be facing in Nepal, having not been home for almost 4 years! Although, the village (especially the school) has some solar generated electricity, the house I might end up staying in has no electricity at all. And there is no internet, so I am kind of looking forward to being cut off from the hustle bustle of the world for about 2 weeks!

Below are some pictures of the village and the school sent to me by the headmaster.

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