July 18, 2015

Last week I taught computer classes with the help of the trained teachers at the Shree Rastriya Secondary School in Dhangadi. Since the students have been studying computer in theory, when asked how to open Microsoft Word, they had the answer memorized (click on Start, go to All Programs, open Microsoft Word). However, almost none of them had ever touched a computer before. So, when I asked them to open it on the computer- most of them struggled immensely.  They were really nervous and could not move the mouse properly. However by the end of the week, the students were getting more and more comfortable using the mouse and opening various programs. It was immensely gratifying both for me and the students themselves to see the progress they were making.

However, I still could not help but notice the difference in learning styles between the girls and the boys. The boys were all eager to learn and would come forward while the girls were usually huddled in the corner and had to be coaxed to come forward to practice on the computers. I focused my energies on trying to encourage the girls to not be shy and make them understand the possibilities and opportunities they would have after learning how to use computers. I could definitely find positive change in some of the girls towards the end.

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