June 24, 2018

In the last two months, I had bi-weekly meetings with the I-House, coordinated my partnership with the Dengfeng Community Center, and drafted my medical pamphlet.

Under the support of the I-House, lots of things, including my flight to Guangzhou and rental apartment are successfully reserved, and my pamphlet is being translated. In the meantime, I overcame some understanding with the local cadres in the Dengfeng community who were initially reluctant to accept my proposal because of the political sensitivity in my project. It was said that some Chinese students investigated the African community, under the help of community cadres, last summer and their final report was utilized by the U.S. government to comment on the human rights issues in China. After several times of discussion, I re-assured the community center that my project will not do any research investigation. Instead, my agenda was helping the center to develop a health division, which they do not have yet. Thus, I spent many hours researching and compiling my medical pamphlet. During my conversation with a doctor in Guangzhou No.2 Hospital, she said the biggest problem with foreign patients is the language barrier. My brochure adds many conversations which the African community can use in hospitals. I really appreciate that the I-House coordinated some interns to help me translate my pamphlet draft into French and Arabic!

Before my departure to Guangzhou, I will have two additional meetings with I-House for some final preparation. I really look forward to starting my project on July 14!

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