Lenka Lichtenberg & Fray

Thursday, November 12, 2015
Assembly Hall

Thursday, November 12, 2015


Assembly Hall

Czech-born Canadian chanteuse Lenka Lichtenberg creates aural soundscapes of mesmerizing grandeur and beauty. Singing in six languages, Lichtenberg seamlessly ranges from innovative expressions of Eastern European and Middle Eastern traditional music to her own compositions which forge her European roots together with North American jazz, Brazilian samba, Indian classical and more, into captivatingly soulful global grooves.

The only child of Holocaust survivors, Lenka escaped from behind the Iron Curtain to a new life in Canada, discovering her roots and developing a richly diverse artistic palette along the way. Her ethereal voice can be playful and provocative, or spiritual and deeply introspective, in equally authentic measure. Her Toronto-based ensemble Fray is comprised of the finest global fusion, jazz and traditional musicians from around the world. To date, Lenka has released nine full-length albums that reflect her diverse personal and artistic journey. She has toured in 15 countries across four continents and garnered radio play around the world.

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What the Critics Are Saying

“Ethereal and sometimes hypnotic….a sumptuous bazaar of orchestral pop & worldbeat exotica” ~New Music Canada

“The Czech-born vocalist and composer ranges around the world music map, fusing Yiddish songs, folk influences and instrumentation from three continents for a rich listening experience.” ~Toronto Star

“World music in the truest sense of the word. It sends chills up and down your spine and makes the eyes moisten, and it is an absolute must have for any serious world music aficionado …a magical album full of charm and beauty that grips the listener and won’t let go” ~Rainlore’s World of Music (U.K.)

“A brilliant fusion of world music, jazz and modern Indie elements…” ~FolkWorld.eu

“It takes a few moments of listening to get past the pleasure and feel amazed at what you’re hearing. It’s Lenka Lichtenberg’s crystalline voice singing to a Middle Eastern beat in Mizrach style. But the words are in Yiddish. The splicing of two Jewish spheres into a world music fusion sound is astounding and makes you feel as though you have stepped onto a new planet.” ~Heather Solomon, Canadian Jewish News

“Beautiful, haunting, inspiring and mesmerizing are but a few of the adjectives that describe this aural delight. Soothing, enticing, and full of vibrancy, Lenka has one of the sweetest voices in the world.” ~ HBN Radio, Harrisburg, PA

“Lichtenberg has a lovely, confectionary, gamin-like quality. Her soprano voice sails above and around the notes with perfect control, weaving a luminous mystical web.” ~The Whole Note Magazine

“Lichtenberg’s powerful voice takes us on a tour of a mystical land of joys and sorrows.” ~Spin The Globe: World Music News

Open to the public.  Tickets are $12 for general admission, $5 for students, and free for International House residents.

Presented by the Global Voices Performing Arts Series.

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