July 3, 2023

Our biggest hurdle in the village now is getting the supplies for the hydroponic garden bought, delivered, and installed. It looks like it’ll be another week before we’re all set up. Socially, we would say that everything has been a great success so far. We’ve been able to conduct a number of life history interviews with members of the community, we are engaging almost daily with the mayor, and we have found a digital artist interested in helping us realize a photo book about the village’s story.

We had a bit of free time this last weekend, so we were able to connect to a group of 15 local pensioners going for a hike up into the mountains about a two-hour drive from Florencia. We hiked through dense jungle, cow pastures, and pouring rain, up to an impressive waterfall. According to the local guide, we were the first foreigners to ever swim in the waters of this great fall. Along the way we really enjoyed talking to the retired locals. We learned a great deal from them about the local economy and the area’s history with conflict. They all seemed thrilled to have foreigners coming to work in and enjoy the region. The consensus is that bringing in international tourism to the area will be a much needed boost to the local economy. Personally we would love to encourage all our international friends to come enjoy the beauty and tranquility of Caqueta’s wilderness. This place is incredible.

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