August 8, 2023

In the heart of Venezuela, where economic challenges often overshadow the dreams of its youth, our community ambassadors defied all odds and emerged victorious. Despite competing in a debate against students from prestigious private schools, they not only participated but also secured the esteemed award of “Outstanding Delegation.” This remarkable achievement showcases the power of determination, knowledge, and unity, proving that one’s socioeconomic background should never define their potential.


The journey began with students from diverse backgrounds, each bringing their unique perspectives and stories to the table. Their collective enthusiasm led them to participate in a Model United Nations (MUN) event, an arena where their ideas could transcend boundaries and make a lasting impact. Little did they know that their commitment to addressing global issues would lead them to shine.

Anticipating that the debates might extend into the late hours, we had planned to spend the night at the school where the passionate discussions took place. This arrangement served a dual purpose: it safeguarded their well-being and offered an optimal environment for continued research, in-depth idea exchanges, and preparations for the forthcoming day’s session.

The MUN conference delved into pressing global matters, and one of the topics at the forefront was the refugee situation stemming from the war in Ukraine. Representing various countries, the students debated and formulated solutions to alleviate the suffering of displaced individuals. Their empathy and innovative proposals showcased the depth of their understanding and their dedication to making a difference.

Another topic that resonated deeply was the impact of conflict on sports and physical activities. Despite their own challenges back home, they recognized the importance of sports in healing and rebuilding communities torn by strife. Through well-researched arguments and passionate speeches, they advocated for solutions to ensure that sports continue to thrive even in conflict-ridden regions.

In a world often divided by differences, these young delegates have shown that incredible transformations can occur when minds come together, irrespective of background. Their victory reverberates far beyond the walls of the MUN conference, reminding us all that change starts with the determination to rise above and the courage to voice our beliefs.


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