August 15, 2023

Led by experienced negotiators and communication experts, the last lecture was an immersive experience designed to introduce students to the art and science of negotiation. Attendees gained valuable insights into the principles of effective negotiation, including the importance of active listening, empathy, collaboration, and the art of finding common ground.

Putting theory into practice, our community ambassadors embarked on a Model of UN that tested their negotiation skills. Divided into groups, they tackled three crucial global challenges: climate change, the Venezuelan migration crisis, and the green energy transformation for 2030. Each group represented a different stakeholder, immersing the students in the complexity of international diplomacy.


Climate Change

In the climate change scenario, students assumed the roles of representatives from various countries with differing priorities. As they navigated the delicate balance between economic interests and environmental sustainability, they experienced firsthand the challenges faced by real-world diplomats. Their passionate and well-reasoned arguments highlighted the urgent need for global cooperation in tackling this existential threat.

Venezuelan Migration

The Venezuelan migration simulation showcased the power of empathy and cooperation. Students stepped into the shoes of different stakeholders – host countries, humanitarian organizations, and the Venezuelan government – crafting strategies to address the crisis while ensuring the well-being of displaced individuals. The exercise underscored the importance of understanding multiple perspectives for comprehensive solutions.

Green Energy Transformation for 2030

The green energy transformation scenario transported students into the near future, where they had to envision a world driven by renewable energy by 2030. Advocating for innovative policies and technologies, the students showcased their commitment to sustainable development and their capacity to think beyond traditional boundaries.




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